Security Of CPEC Ensured Through Pakistan Military On The Front

15,000 military men on foot were deployed  by the government to ensure security of CPEC.  The Special Security Division (SSD) and Maritime Security Force (MSF) have been providing security to altogether six zones of CPEC.

Pakistan army, already being involved in to every military/non-military project or crisis has taken up this challenge again to work and protect this multi-billion project as well.  What we know until now is that the demographics of Gwadar city has changed dramatically,  a population of 1.5 million altogether is predicted including Chinese investors, local and international business opportunists. A high profile project involving foreign nationals puts Pakistan in a crucial position in terms of security. Given that Balochistan separatist elements and foreign hands like RAW will try their best to put the project at a risk.

In the present situation, the efforts by Pakistan security forces are commendable given that covering a huge geographic area involving several administrative projects in the presence of elements like BLA, RAW will require more than one military division for protection.

Top Chinese military official General Changlong have shown full confidence in Pakistan’s security efforts and altogether its efforts to counter terrorism. Everyone’s stakes are involved in making CPEC a success,  the government, the army. Moreover, we will get rid of the electricity crisis and create employment opportunities- the two things that interest the general public.  Making CPEC a success should be priority of every single institution and army as an institution has played a good enough part.

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COAS Proves His Stance: ‘We Will Avenge The Avenge’

In the wake of the recent terror attacks carried on Pakistan by the militants based in Afghanistan, the whole nation demanded to avenge the death of the lost lives. Pakistan ambassador to Afghanistan Syed Abrar Hussain was summoned in the office, he clearly mentioned that Pakistan is getting effected by the intrusion of terrorists in Pakistan.

Pakistan Army has not seen a day of peace since the day the security situation of Pakistan got disrupted since the mid of February. In the wake of the moment, it became crucial that  The efforts of Pak Army came on the surface line the moment the news broke the internet that the JuA/TTP camps were demolished as a result of artillery shelling by the Pakistan  army.

10-12 hideouts of the JuA have been destroyed as a result of shelling and cross border rocket firing in Afghanistan. The ammunition dumps have also been destroyed as a result and about fifteen to twenty terrorist including the commander of these terrorists Rehmand Baba was killed.

TTP and one of its faction JuA have been operating outside the border area of Afghanistan and used this location  as a point to operate internally in Pakistan. Despite several negotiations with the Afghan diplomatic authorities, no consensus was reached and at last Pakistan decided to launch an operation. General Qamar Bajwa’s  apt response was commendable in the whole process.



FC Personnel Help In Crucial Times

Whenever there is a crucial situation, Pakistan army is the only asset this nation has. Normally armed forces are expected to help in the security related issues but Pakistan army forces are literally dragged into every single issue, be it the Leepa valley fire extinguishing or be it rescuing people stuck in a avalanche.

The question that comes into mind in this situation is that whenever a situation like this occurs,  what is the role of all the national organizations meant for helping in disasters ? If they are appointed there to be involved in rescue operations, why are the security officials appointed to carry out the rescue and help operations for?

Recently on the orders of Chief Of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa FC soldiers were appointed to help the civil administration after an avalanche hit the Sher Shal area of Chitral. The FC personnel were involved in carrying out rescue operations and providing medical aid to the affected people.

In Baluchistan, FC personnel were involved in setting up medical camps which were completely free. The medical camps received 300-1000 patients each month and free polio vaccination and first aid kits were given to the people. In this way not only were the locals given free health care facilities, their awareness regarding their health also increased a lot.

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The Day 1000 Burhan Wanis Were Born

Intractable conflicts  also known as the deadlocked conflicts; are the ones in which the resolution or de-escalation seems nowhere near, and the conflict keeps on going on and on. Kashmir is one of the biggest example of the intractable conflict. When people consider this terminology, the first country that comes to their mind would definitely be Kashmir.

Kashmiris have been struggling for justice since decades now. Indian Army atrocities have been hiked to another level. After the martydom of Burhan Wani, the Kashmir liberation  fighter, there was a wind of retaliation and the Kashmiris got out of their homes to voice out their claims for justice. However, the law and order situation started getting out of hand, so curfew was enforced in J&K.

Burhan Wani’s struggle for the freedom of Kashmir was real. It is said that the was tormented and beaten by the Indian army in his childhood. The rage against the Indian Army started then and he decided to struggle for the independence of Kashmir. He became the head of Kashmir Hizbul Mujahideen. He was known for his active postings on social media, in which he showed the pathetic behavior of the Indian Army. He was killed by the Indian army on 16th July 2016. One Burhan Wani was made silent at the cost of producing 1000 Burhan Wanis who have demanded to no longer be in the shackles of Indian rule. C34M7uKW8AEOX4f.jpg


India: The land of fallacies

Hello and welcome to the land of fallacies. Here we believe in creating the best out of our imagination and sprinkling a few facts over the top.  This, dear ones, is the Democratic Republic of India. They have a highly creative and imaginative team and state of the art minds to highlight the highly unlikely possibilities and create its link with their neighboring country Pakistan. The media is always there to add flavors and spices according to the interest of the general public.

One of the best and famous ones from the land of fallacies was popularly known as the ‘spy-pigeon strikes’ . The state of the art minds and creative team concentrated their energies on coming up with an argument that Pakistan’s intelligence agencies send out their messages to to the Indian PM through pigeons. We are soon expecting a better altered version of the story, confirming that the pigeon was not just a spy it has a tendency to spit venom in the food of the Indian soldiers too! No you cant call it good imagination, it gets far beyond that the moment people start believing it and tadaaa! that is the specialty of the ministry of land of fallacies, they can mold any information, combine it with some imagination and present it like a fact.

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The recent interesting fallacy concentrated on the Kashmir avalanches. Dear ones, guess who is responsible for these avalanches? You got that right: one of the creepy unfriendly neighbors : Pakistan. The land of fallacies India came up with another brilliant fallacy this time according to which the missile tests of Pakistan are the sole cause of  global warming. Their team is working hard to prove it into a fact. Should we expect international community to believe that? Well its too soon to tell.

Imagination is good but overthinking things and proving its an imagination can kill the essence of reality and there are chances that the world no longer supports your weak claims and considers you retarded. However, the media of the neighboring country Pakistan thoroughly enjoys these fallacies and they actually get quiet good content for their entertainment segment for their shows to make the audience laugh.

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The Curious Case Of Missing Bloggers

Since the return of the missing bloggers, there are so many questions that are lingering somewhere in the air, there has been no statements as such from them.  Ahmed Waqas, Asim Saeed and Ahmed Raza Naseer  and most popular Salman Haider came back home a few days back.  A few speculations have been raised as a result regarding their abduction. Some say agencies were involved, whereas some suggest involvement of clerics for their religion mocking posts. But there was no resolve as to who actually was involved in the abduction?

A few points need to be noted here: was the posts of all of these missing bloggers only against the agencies? They talked pretty much about all the important issues and targeted religious entities too? So should we say that the clerics were behind their abduction. Honestly, doesn’t make much sense.

Many have noted that their popularity has been increased to ten folds after they returned back home. Cant this be a planned publicity stunt. The number of possibilities are endless. And we cant just clearly infer that the state agencies were behind their abduction.

There has not been any clear statement from any missing blogger as yet. It would be before time to say anything regarding their abduction. And now that they are back it would be good enough to wait.



COAS Visit To Parachinar

Although Parachinar became a victim of terrorism and about 200 people were dead as a result of a blast that happened at the Shia majority Eidgah market, these sectarian attacks are not new to Parachinar. Parachinar has a history of Shia killing. Only targeting the shia community means that efforts are made to disrupt the Shia-Sunni unity.

During his visit to Parachinar, Chief Of Army Staff Qamar Javed Bajwa visited agency hospital and met the injured people of the blast. It was his gesture of showing support and telling them that the Pakistan  Army leadership cares.

Army Chief also appreciated the role of the tribal elders in helping the Pakistan Army to combat terrorism. These efforts show his clear intentions of enabling peace and stability in the region. By meeting the tribal leaders, and acknowledging their presence, the COAS gave the message that nation building involves everyone and in order to bring everyone on similar ground, consensus is necessary specially with the leadership. It was a really wise decision of the COAS to include the tribal leadership and acknowledge their presence.

COAS also announced the establishment of Army Public School in Parachinar. Army Public School is not just the symbol of the terrorism, it has a long history of providing excellent education as well. Establishment of APS in Parachinar means the efforts of the establishment to enlighten Parachinar with education and using the best teachers and resources available to the people of Parachinar who have been victim of the sectarian violence lately.




Pakistan Army Leadership Is Devoted In Developing Positivity Among Soldiers

There is a reason why Pakistan Army soldiers have zero suicide rate when compared to the rest of armed forces of the world. And the reason of their good mental health is that they are being treated like humans. Their leadership has a really humane attitude towards them. Not only are they given proper food, they are given due respect by their leadership too. That has been proven on all grounds when we see COAS Qamar Bajwa’s interaction with the Pak Army soldiers in Karachi and Multan.

While talking to the soldiers of Karachi, COAS  appreciated their role in combating violence and terrorism and maintaining law and order in Karachi. No doubt, rangers and Pak army has dealt with the terrorism in the bravest possible way. The deteriorating situation of Karachi’s law and order situation called for mobilizing the security forces, which was taken care of immediately.


During his visit to Multan, COAS mentioned that the security operations carried out all over the country have made our soldiers more tough and ready for immediate challenges.  He also said: ‘ I am proud to be the Chief of such brave and professional army’. Statements like these tend to raise the morale of the soldiers and these were not just words, Pakistan army actually had to counter the biggest threats of all the times which is:  terrorism.


Is Dialogue The Only Solution For Improving Pak-Afghan Relations?

Ashraf Ghani’s statement regarding Pakistan sponsoring terrorism in Afghanistan was more like a shattering point for Pak-Afghan relations. He said that during the ‘Heart Of Asia’ conference being held at Amritsar. Critics claimed it looked like he was intentionally trying to rupture the Pak-Afghan relations himself.

Before giving such critical statements regarding Pakistan, it should also be noted that Pakistan has been hosting 3 Million Afghan refugees since the Afghan-Soviet war.  Not only is Pakistan hosting these refugees, the government of Pakistan has also provided livelihood to these refugees. There was a surge in criminal activities seen since Pakistan hosted these refugees.

Ashraf Ghani’s baseless allegations that Pakistan is sponsoring terrorists is more like an effort to deteriorate Pak-Afghan relations. Pakistan has been effected by lawlessness in Afghanistan more than anything. The Talibanism is one of the major examples in this regard. The seeds of terrorism in Pakistan have been sown by the Terrorism spread in Afghanistan. Pakistan had to carry out massive operations like Zarb e Azb to get rid of the terrorist activities being carried out and the fight is still on.

COAS General Qamar Javed Bajwa called the Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and ensured him that Pakistan is committed to achieve stability and peace in the region.  COAS repeated continuously that Pakistan is working hard to achieve peace at both ends. Despite this Ashraf Ghani’s another similar statement that Pakistan is involved in sponsoring terrorism is disappointing.

There are ample proofs available to suggest that the apparent ‘Afghanistan-India’ friendship is more like the ‘NDS-RAW’ coalition to carry out covert operations in Afghanistan. Instead of blaming Pakistan for terrorism and nurturing Talibanism, Afghan government should first eradicate terrorism from their own country, as the TTP head is hiding in Afghanistan right now.


No Involvement of Pakistan In IOK Attacks

While addressing hundreds of Jamat ud Dawa activists in Muzaffarabad, Hafiz Saeed claimed that he has known some important information regarding a deadly raid carried out at the Indian Army in Jammu and Kashmir. According to Hafiz Saeed about four mujahideen entered the Indian army camps and killed almost 10 Indian army soldiers. However, according to the reports of the Indian media, three heavily armed laborers have been killed as a result of opening fire at the border area Akhnoor camp.

Pakistan clearly denies any involvement or any relation to the terrorist organization responsible for carrying out massive terrorist activities in India and disputed Kashmir. Infact, Pakistan is interested in having a bilateral and friendly relations with its neighboring countries like India and  Afghanistan.The foreign office is also deeply committed to resolve issues or threats that have been creating tensions between Pakistan-India and Pakistan-Afghanistan. After the complicated security situation of LOC between Pakistan and India, it became crucial for Pakistan to resolve the security threats outside the country. Many political pundits believe that the reason why General Qamar Bajwa was chosen as the Chief Of Army Staff  is only that he has a huge expertise on Kashmir and he would want peace on the border.

Pakistan has been on a war on terror for about a decade. Pakistan Army has lost about 300 brave soldiers alone in Baluchistan terrorist operation. Taliban created in the name of Islam and Jihad have been maligning the security situation of Pakistan.  Pakistan Army has launched several operations like Zarb e Azb to get rid of this never ending terrorist networks, specially in the northern Pakistan which later on extended to Baluchistan too. As a result of operations like Zarb e Azb, peace has been restored in North West Pakistan. Restoring peace in major cities of Pakistan like Swat, Peshawar and Quetta is also an accomplishment of Pakistan Army.

Pakistan’s focus is on fixing the internal deteriorated security rather than countering the foreign threats. In this situation, Pakistan wants to have a peaceful relationship with India so that our security forces carry out successful operations against the terrorist groups operating within Pakistan.