15,000 military men on foot were deployed  by the government to ensure security of CPEC.  The Special Security Division (SSD) and Maritime Security Force (MSF) have been providing security to altogether six zones of CPEC.

Pakistan army, already being involved in to every military/non-military project or crisis has taken up this challenge again to work and protect this multi-billion project as well.  What we know until now is that the demographics of Gwadar city has changed dramatically,  a population of 1.5 million altogether is predicted including Chinese investors, local and international business opportunists. A high profile project involving foreign nationals puts Pakistan in a crucial position in terms of security. Given that Balochistan separatist elements and foreign hands like RAW will try their best to put the project at a risk.

In the present situation, the efforts by Pakistan security forces are commendable given that covering a huge geographic area involving several administrative projects in the presence of elements like BLA, RAW will require more than one military division for protection.

Top Chinese military official General Changlong have shown full confidence in Pakistan’s security efforts and altogether its efforts to counter terrorism. Everyone’s stakes are involved in making CPEC a success,  the government, the army. Moreover, we will get rid of the electricity crisis and create employment opportunities- the two things that interest the general public.  Making CPEC a success should be priority of every single institution and army as an institution has played a good enough part.

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