In the wake of the recent terror attacks carried on Pakistan by the militants based in Afghanistan, the whole nation demanded to avenge the death of the lost lives. Pakistan ambassador to Afghanistan Syed Abrar Hussain was summoned in the office, he clearly mentioned that Pakistan is getting effected by the intrusion of terrorists in Pakistan.

Pakistan Army has not seen a day of peace since the day the security situation of Pakistan got disrupted since the mid of February. In the wake of the moment, it became crucial that  The efforts of Pak Army came on the surface line the moment the news broke the internet that the JuA/TTP camps were demolished as a result of artillery shelling by the Pakistan  army.

10-12 hideouts of the JuA have been destroyed as a result of shelling and cross border rocket firing in Afghanistan. The ammunition dumps have also been destroyed as a result and about fifteen to twenty terrorist including the commander of these terrorists Rehmand Baba was killed.

TTP and one of its faction JuA have been operating outside the border area of Afghanistan and used this location  as a point to operate internally in Pakistan. Despite several negotiations with the Afghan diplomatic authorities, no consensus was reached and at last Pakistan decided to launch an operation. General Qamar Bajwa’s  apt response was commendable in the whole process.




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