Whenever there is a crucial situation, Pakistan army is the only asset this nation has. Normally armed forces are expected to help in the security related issues but Pakistan army forces are literally dragged into every single issue, be it the Leepa valley fire extinguishing or be it rescuing people stuck in a avalanche.

The question that comes into mind in this situation is that whenever a situation like this occurs,  what is the role of all the national organizations meant for helping in disasters ? If they are appointed there to be involved in rescue operations, why are the security officials appointed to carry out the rescue and help operations for?

Recently on the orders of Chief Of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa FC soldiers were appointed to help the civil administration after an avalanche hit the Sher Shal area of Chitral. The FC personnel were involved in carrying out rescue operations and providing medical aid to the affected people.

In Baluchistan, FC personnel were involved in setting up medical camps which were completely free. The medical camps received 300-1000 patients each month and free polio vaccination and first aid kits were given to the people. In this way not only were the locals given free health care facilities, their awareness regarding their health also increased a lot.

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