Intractable conflicts  also known as the deadlocked conflicts; are the ones in which the resolution or de-escalation seems nowhere near, and the conflict keeps on going on and on. Kashmir is one of the biggest example of the intractable conflict. When people consider this terminology, the first country that comes to their mind would definitely be Kashmir.

Kashmiris have been struggling for justice since decades now. Indian Army atrocities have been hiked to another level. After the martydom of Burhan Wani, the Kashmir liberation  fighter, there was a wind of retaliation and the Kashmiris got out of their homes to voice out their claims for justice. However, the law and order situation started getting out of hand, so curfew was enforced in J&K.

Burhan Wani’s struggle for the freedom of Kashmir was real. It is said that the was tormented and beaten by the Indian army in his childhood. The rage against the Indian Army started then and he decided to struggle for the independence of Kashmir. He became the head of Kashmir Hizbul Mujahideen. He was known for his active postings on social media, in which he showed the pathetic behavior of the Indian Army. He was killed by the Indian army on 16th July 2016. One Burhan Wani was made silent at the cost of producing 1000 Burhan Wanis who have demanded to no longer be in the shackles of Indian rule. C34M7uKW8AEOX4f.jpg



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