Since the return of the missing bloggers, there are so many questions that are lingering somewhere in the air, there has been no statements as such from them.  Ahmed Waqas, Asim Saeed and Ahmed Raza Naseer  and most popular Salman Haider came back home a few days back.  A few speculations have been raised as a result regarding their abduction. Some say agencies were involved, whereas some suggest involvement of clerics for their religion mocking posts. But there was no resolve as to who actually was involved in the abduction?

A few points need to be noted here: was the posts of all of these missing bloggers only against the agencies? They talked pretty much about all the important issues and targeted religious entities too? So should we say that the clerics were behind their abduction. Honestly, doesn’t make much sense.

Many have noted that their popularity has been increased to ten folds after they returned back home. Cant this be a planned publicity stunt. The number of possibilities are endless. And we cant just clearly infer that the state agencies were behind their abduction.

There has not been any clear statement from any missing blogger as yet. It would be before time to say anything regarding their abduction. And now that they are back it would be good enough to wait.




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