Hello and welcome to the land of fallacies. Here we believe in creating the best out of our imagination and sprinkling a few facts over the top.  This, dear ones, is the Democratic Republic of India. They have a highly creative and imaginative team and state of the art minds to highlight the highly unlikely possibilities and create its link with their neighboring country Pakistan. The media is always there to add flavors and spices according to the interest of the general public.

One of the best and famous ones from the land of fallacies was popularly known as the ‘spy-pigeon strikes’ . The state of the art minds and creative team concentrated their energies on coming up with an argument that Pakistan’s intelligence agencies send out their messages to to the Indian PM through pigeons. We are soon expecting a better altered version of the story, confirming that the pigeon was not just a spy it has a tendency to spit venom in the food of the Indian soldiers too! No you cant call it good imagination, it gets far beyond that the moment people start believing it and tadaaa! that is the specialty of the ministry of land of fallacies, they can mold any information, combine it with some imagination and present it like a fact.

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The recent interesting fallacy concentrated on the Kashmir avalanches. Dear ones, guess who is responsible for these avalanches? You got that right: one of the creepy unfriendly neighbors : Pakistan. The land of fallacies India came up with another brilliant fallacy this time according to which the missile tests of Pakistan are the sole cause of  global warming. Their team is working hard to prove it into a fact. Should we expect international community to believe that? Well its too soon to tell.

Imagination is good but overthinking things and proving its an imagination can kill the essence of reality and there are chances that the world no longer supports your weak claims and considers you retarded. However, the media of the neighboring country Pakistan thoroughly enjoys these fallacies and they actually get quiet good content for their entertainment segment for their shows to make the audience laugh.

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