Although Parachinar became a victim of terrorism and about 200 people were dead as a result of a blast that happened at the Shia majority Eidgah market, these sectarian attacks are not new to Parachinar. Parachinar has a history of Shia killing. Only targeting the shia community means that efforts are made to disrupt the Shia-Sunni unity.

During his visit to Parachinar, Chief Of Army Staff Qamar Javed Bajwa visited agency hospital and met the injured people of the blast. It was his gesture of showing support and telling them that the Pakistan  Army leadership cares.

Army Chief also appreciated the role of the tribal elders in helping the Pakistan Army to combat terrorism. These efforts show his clear intentions of enabling peace and stability in the region. By meeting the tribal leaders, and acknowledging their presence, the COAS gave the message that nation building involves everyone and in order to bring everyone on similar ground, consensus is necessary specially with the leadership. It was a really wise decision of the COAS to include the tribal leadership and acknowledge their presence.

COAS also announced the establishment of Army Public School in Parachinar. Army Public School is not just the symbol of the terrorism, it has a long history of providing excellent education as well. Establishment of APS in Parachinar means the efforts of the establishment to enlighten Parachinar with education and using the best teachers and resources available to the people of Parachinar who have been victim of the sectarian violence lately.





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