There is a reason why Pakistan Army soldiers have zero suicide rate when compared to the rest of armed forces of the world. And the reason of their good mental health is that they are being treated like humans. Their leadership has a really humane attitude towards them. Not only are they given proper food, they are given due respect by their leadership too. That has been proven on all grounds when we see COAS Qamar Bajwa’s interaction with the Pak Army soldiers in Karachi and Multan.

While talking to the soldiers of Karachi, COAS  appreciated their role in combating violence and terrorism and maintaining law and order in Karachi. No doubt, rangers and Pak army has dealt with the terrorism in the bravest possible way. The deteriorating situation of Karachi’s law and order situation called for mobilizing the security forces, which was taken care of immediately.


During his visit to Multan, COAS mentioned that the security operations carried out all over the country have made our soldiers more tough and ready for immediate challenges.  He also said: ‘ I am proud to be the Chief of such brave and professional army’. Statements like these tend to raise the morale of the soldiers and these were not just words, Pakistan army actually had to counter the biggest threats of all the times which is:  terrorism.



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