Ashraf Ghani’s statement regarding Pakistan sponsoring terrorism in Afghanistan was more like a shattering point for Pak-Afghan relations. He said that during the ‘Heart Of Asia’ conference being held at Amritsar. Critics claimed it looked like he was intentionally trying to rupture the Pak-Afghan relations himself.

Before giving such critical statements regarding Pakistan, it should also be noted that Pakistan has been hosting 3 Million Afghan refugees since the Afghan-Soviet war.  Not only is Pakistan hosting these refugees, the government of Pakistan has also provided livelihood to these refugees. There was a surge in criminal activities seen since Pakistan hosted these refugees.

Ashraf Ghani’s baseless allegations that Pakistan is sponsoring terrorists is more like an effort to deteriorate Pak-Afghan relations. Pakistan has been effected by lawlessness in Afghanistan more than anything. The Talibanism is one of the major examples in this regard. The seeds of terrorism in Pakistan have been sown by the Terrorism spread in Afghanistan. Pakistan had to carry out massive operations like Zarb e Azb to get rid of the terrorist activities being carried out and the fight is still on.

COAS General Qamar Javed Bajwa called the Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and ensured him that Pakistan is committed to achieve stability and peace in the region.  COAS repeated continuously that Pakistan is working hard to achieve peace at both ends. Despite this Ashraf Ghani’s another similar statement that Pakistan is involved in sponsoring terrorism is disappointing.

There are ample proofs available to suggest that the apparent ‘Afghanistan-India’ friendship is more like the ‘NDS-RAW’ coalition to carry out covert operations in Afghanistan. Instead of blaming Pakistan for terrorism and nurturing Talibanism, Afghan government should first eradicate terrorism from their own country, as the TTP head is hiding in Afghanistan right now.



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