Right after the Peshawar attack on 16th December 2016, while the nation was going through an emotional turmoil and everyone wanted an ultimate end to terrorism . With the approval of the Federal Government, the military courts were established in Pakistan. ISPR has defined this military court system as a result of the constitutional amendment to abate the level of terrorism in the country.

Since then about 274 cases were referred to the military courts. Out of which about 161 convicts were awarded with death penalties whereas  12 were executed. Apart from that about 113 received punishments of varying duration.

In a system where taking an immediate judicial action seems like a dream, this output of the military courts seems phenomenal. And the question of when will the trial against the terrorist happen  looms somewhere in the air until people forget the terrorist or the activity he was involved in.

The National Action Plan (NAP) laid by the government to counter the TTP post the Peshawar attack included the implementation of the military courts. Other significant points were: banning the funding of the groups involved in terrorist activities. The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan long ago gave its green signal for the military courts emphasizing on the fact that these courts would  help create a ‘transparent and fair judicial system’ which Pakistan has been struggling to achieve for a long time.  The government has for years failed to execute the prominent terrorists from banned terrorist organization. We all know how the civil courts in Pakistan work and any sort of transparency could not have put forth by them given that the judgments are largely influenced by bribery and violence. Prime minister Nawaz Sharif also showed full support for the military courts, encouraging fair results.

Rana Sana Ullah’s baseless statements that the military courts have not proven out to be successful call out for comparison between the military and the civil courts in order to prove the transparency of how the military courts worked to get rid of the terrorists whom others were fearful of even touching.

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