Now that the country is in a much better state than it was before Zarb e Azb, the question that hits our mind is that whether these effects are long term, or in the coming few days we will be seeing a deteriorated security situation again? God forbid if that happens, could we still sing the songs of Zarb e Azb as proudly as we sing them today when we see a much better Peshawar or Quetta?

The list of possibilities seems never ending but one thing is for sure that the law and order situation in Pakistan is much better than what it was about 2 years back. The major contribution put forth for this stability of region comes from Pakistan Army. As Chief Of Army Staff General Qamar Bajwa puts it ‘ We believe in action and the world has seen its results’.  He said that while addressing the officers of southern command in Quetta.  No doubt the Law Enforcement Agencies have worked hard and lost many precious lives in order to attain this peace.

Zarb e Azb was not a mere security operation, it had many geo-political and geo- economic factors attached to it. The fact that Zarb e Azb wiped out the majority of militants ensured the progress of CPEC.  A lot of economic development is anticipated and Baluch people are happy with these efforts. However, the  plug of operation Zarb E Azb will not be pulled off no matter what, given that the world has seen the effects of it and even if the conspiracy theories  against Baluchistan evolve , Pak Army is here to crush them and all the anti baluch activists who are working on a funded propaganda to separate Baluchistan from Pakistan.



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