In the light scenario when the CPEC is labeled as  ‘The modern East India Company’ people fail to understand its economic importance. After what Baluchistan has been through CPEC seems like a ray of hope and before criticizing it, one must think of the options we are left with in order to bring stability and economic development in the region . After major security operations held in Baluchistan and losing many precious lives, this is one effort to help derive job opportunities through this project.

As Commander Southern Command Lieutenant General Amir Riaz has already put it that about 700 people from the security forces have given their lives to support the cause of bringing prosperity to Baluchistan and eradicating the militant groups from the core.Apart from these deaths, 2000 personnel of the security forces were seriously wounded in Baluchistan during the process of restoration of peace in the disturbed areas. In fact, personnel of security forces restored peace in province at the cost of their lives. The number is significant enough to realize the efforts of Pakistan Security Forces trying to bring stability to Baluchistan. After the area was declared militant-free, there was a dire need of establishing a level of trust between the people of Baluchistan and the government. Given that the separatist elements funded by RAW like  Brahamdad Bugti are feeding anti-Pakistan sentiments in the hearts of Baloch people. CPEC is a crucial step to gain the trust of the Baloch people back.

Chief Of Army Staff : Qamar Javed Bajwa has ensured the fool proof security of CPEC. This ensures the level of commitment that will ensure trust between Pakistan and China to move forward towards better implementation of CPEC.



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