Chief Of Army Staff, General Qamar Javed Bajwa visited corps headquarters and rangers HQ Karachi on 15th December 2016.  During his speech he clearly emphasized on the fact that there are no circumstances under which the Karachi operation will be reversed.

Karachi, being the metropolitan hub of the country has been facing severe security crisis. It is heart wrenching to see that the cultural hub of the country, having people from diverse backgrounds and ethnicity, the security of the civilians is a Karachi is also known for the fact that people having different religions reside here. However, the city has been facing major challenges since an air of terrorism has hit the country. There was a surge of criminal offenses committed on a large scale over a period of the last decade. These included theft, robbery and other street crimes, and the people allegedly involved in all these particularly had a criminal or political agenda of creating a prolonged unrest in the city. So a operation in Karachi had to be launched by September 2013.  About 12000 people have been arrested by far and 7000 raids have been conducted.

During his recent visit to Karachi, COAS General Qamar Bajwa visited the frontier corps and appreciated the efforts made by the Army, Rangers, Law Enforcement Agencies and Intelligence Agencies for their efforts of maintaining law and order in the city.  COAS further said that the security situation will be further improved by helping the provincial government in training of  the law enforcement agencies to get a better security situation in Karachi and Sindh altogether.




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